Thomas Cook.

The inquest into the death of 2 children, Bobbi & Christi Shepherd, on a Thomas Cook holiday in Corfu made headline news. The company faced severe criticism for the way it treated the families of the children particularly over the CEOs refusal to apologise. As is often the case legal advisers were at the forefront of the communications advice. Pressure was mounting on Thomas Cook and their shareholders, creditors were threatening to pull their support and boycotts were being called for in the press. In short, the company was facing collapse.

You can't imagine how much I was appreciating your help and your support. You were the one who helped me out of a mission almost impossible that day. And this I will not forget!

Peter Fankhauser, CEO, Thomas Cook 2015

A subsequent meeting with the family saw the company starting to build bridges and a long term brand re-build took place. This included the setting up of The Safer Tourism Foundation as a legacy for the children Bobbi and Christi. This foundation still exists today.