Why good PR is essential for a start-up

Start-ups usually begin with one public relations challenge – no one knows anything about you. When you begin, very few customers know your company, which means very few sales. PR can change this by giving your brand a voice, reaching large audiences, driving product awareness, and enhancing credibility. All of a sudden, you’re standing out in a big way, and attracting customers and sales you’ve only dreamed of. Good PR is essential for a start-up and can catapult your business growth, here’s how to do it.


Start-ups, unlike established brands, don’t yet have a story. Crafting your story is a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd and connect powerfully with your audience on an emotional level. People don’t always want to listen to what you are doing, but they will listen if you tell them a story they can connect with. Don’t miss an opportunity to get good PR right from the outset with a good brand story, this can really change your fortunes.

Giving your Brand a Voice

It’s not just the story, but the voice that your brand represents too. What you say and how you say it, can resonate with your target audience and attract them to your business offering. Once you have a voice you can expect to see followers and likes ticking up on your Social Media channels. Establishing a known audience on Social Media is a great way to sell to your existing customer base as well as sell to new ones.

Driving Awareness

Once you’ve established a story and voice, you can begin to demonstrate your capability to larger audiences and drive awareness. PR can facilitate regular media and press coverage to develop conversations around you and justify your market position. Over time, bigger consumer demographics will begin to recognise and feel comfortable with your products and services. Eventually, you can become top of mind as the leading brand in your space.

Enhancing Credibility

After you’ve generated awareness it’s important to keep your reputation healthy. New movements in the market, industry debates, and varying news trends can provide both opportunities and challenges for PR. Make sure your part of the conversation with regular press outreach and comms. Bill Gates famously said “If I had one dollar left, I would spend it on PR.” Good PR will tell your story, voice your brand, drive awareness and enhance credibility. This is essential for start-ups looking to take off.

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