PR Trends for 2022

With the world of business ever-changing, companies will need to adapt to current trends if they wish to remain relevant and therefore prosperous. Having had a couple of extremely difficult years in which businesses struggled to adjust and survive, being as efficient as possible in building them back up again is vital for success. We think these five trends in PR will bring great opportunities for companies in the upcoming year.

1. Data, evaluation, metrics

Using data allows a company to forecast what is likely to occur and how consumers will behave, not only in the PR world, but in all industries. . As we go into 2022, Public Relations companies should be looking to use their own data from 2021 to see what worked for them and use these methods again for future success. Doing this will save companies time and make them more efficient as they won’t have to reinvent the wheel at the start of each year., It is believed that Google Analytics 4 will have more predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities. Not only is the platform likely to be easier to use, it continues to reduce marketing costs by optimising your ROI in real-time.

2. Social Awareness

Last year, the world created noise on several social issues such as Climate Change and Reclaim The Streets. Many companies received backlash if they did not speak up and show support towards issues such as these. Public Relations companies should get on board with these movements and demonstrate to consumers their support for diversity, equality, and environmental change. Cancel culture became a common trend last year, with many public facing people and companies being scrutinised for their lack of awareness on such issues. 2022 will be no different to last year, and so Public Relations companies should continue to stay socially aware. They should keep up to date with exactly what is going and stand shoulder to shoulder with societal problems.

3. Influencers

Influencing has taken the world by storm in recent years. The rapid growth of technology, and therefore, social media, has certainly accelerated this. In the following year we will continue to see an increase in the use of social media, particularly a growth in micro-influencers on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Last year, video social media app TikTok soared in popularity, reaching over 1 billion users, making it a great application for reaching a large audience. In 2022, Public Relations companies will be looking to target micro-influencers, who have a range of 3,000 to 100,000 followers on social media to advertise their products and services. Larger influencers, such as Molly-Mae and Zoella, charge huge fees to promote, the kind of costs that most companies cannot afford to use on a singular ad campaign. However, a micro-influencer’s aim is to gain a following and work with well known brands, so will charge less - sometimes nothing at all – for their services, in the hope of receiving free products and gaining a greater following. This will reduce marketing costs for companies and help build micro-influencers career goals, making it a very mutually beneficial relationship which is sure to increase in popularity in the upcoming years..

4. Bite Size Information

With the rapid growth of high-speed entertainment such as TikTok, our generation has become fixated on receiving information as quickly as possible and moving onto new information immediately afterwards. With that in mind, press releases could evolve, becoming shorter and perhaps even bullet pointed rather than lengthy paragraphs. This will be more functional for the media and will allow consumers to read about several different topics in a short space of time. Additionally, content for the release won’t take as long to write and in turn, will make a company more efficient.

5. Podcasts

As well as social media, the popularity of podcasts skyrocketed in 2020, with the number of podcasts on Spotify increasing by more than 300%. Hosts are speaking to influential people and high-rise celebrities to gain traction from their followers and fans. As well as this, people are talking about taboo subjects and being more open about private areas of their lives, making consumers continue to listen and feel as though they know the person on a greater and more personal level. A huge benefit to podcasts is that they are very affordable and easy to produce. This, as well as gaining a following, is why so many people and businesses have created them and publish them regularly. Podcasts are therefore a very smart tool for PR firms in the upcoming year to help build presence for an individual or establishment. Expect an exponential growth in the podcasting industry throughout the next few years, much like in 2020.

We hope this guide gives you an insight into PR Trends for 2022. For more information on how we can support your business jump on these trends, feel free to contact us at