Best PR Tools

The internet is home to a whole host of useful tools and information which can make our lives much easier and increase the efficiency of our roles.

But which tools are worth using? What is worth investing the time and money?


Canva is an affordable and easy to use graphic design website, enabling users to create professional and creative content with ease. Whether you’re creating an infographic for Instagram, a PowerPoint presentation for a pitch, or putting together a poster, with Canva, you can easily create your vision without paying a fortune for a third-party design agency.


An essential tool for every PR agency is a media database. With several different databases on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Vuelio is a cost effective and user-friendly platform, providing users with access to a wealth of journalists and media information for a fraction of the price of some of the big names. With a media database at your fingertips, it has never been easier to distribute press releases, monitor the media and create media lists.


Keeping track of your time and what tasks you compete is a habit we should all get ourselves into. Avaza is a platform which allows teams to remain on top of their to-do lists and easily keep track of the hours serviced to different projects. A particulally handy feature is Avaza’s ability to create and download reports of your recorded hours for each client, helping ensure you devote the right amount of time in the right places.


Slack is a subscription-based messenger service designed for the office. Unlike ordinary messenger platforms, Slack enables you to create channels for different discussion topics. By posting information and documents directly onto the slack channels, this eliminates the endless trawling through emails in order to find that one document you were after!


There’s no better tool to round off this list than good old fashioned excel (most companies would be lost without it!) There’s a misconception that Excel is only useful for financial tasks, but this just isn’t true. Yes, excel is great for creating budgets and collating data, but it can also be used to assign tasks, create content calendars and even (need to think of one more example) … It can make the most time consuming tasks quick and simple. Spending an hour or two learning the handy tips and trick of Excel is certainly worth everyone’s time.

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